Historic Denver Capitol Hill Area

Written by on March 22, 2014 in Capitol Hill

Within the perimeters of Denver’s Capitol Hill district, you will find one of the most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods the city has to offer. Squared off by Broadway, Colfax, Downing and Sixth Avenue, Cap Hill for short.

Located just north of Denver’s downtown, Capitol Hill pales in comparison to the large, vertical reaches of the business district, but its buildings have a charm all their own since most of them were built around the 1920s. Between 10th and 11th Streets on Sherman Street, you’ll find Poet’s Row, a block of historic apartment complexes all named after lyrical luminaries such as Emily Dickenson and Robert Frost. It is even more appropriate considering Alan Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac once resided on the hill.

Capitol Hill is bolstered by Cheeseman Park, a grassy expanse that is technically north of the neighborhood, though many consider it a Capitol Hill park. Stop by any weekend afternoon, and the dirt path that circumvents the park will be clogged with joggers and speed walkers. Governor’s Park, on 7th and Logan Streets has a swing set, but due to its small size, it is remains largely unfrequented.

Governor’s Park Bar & Grill on the other hand, is in a constant state of overflow, especially during happy hour, which it is well known for. Charlie Brown’s just up the street is another neighborhood watering hole and a favorite of the road-worn beat poets, Kerouac and Ginsberg. The 35-year-old piano bar shared a building with The Colburn Hotel, one of many places to stay on Capitol Hill.

Within this Historic Capitol Hill District, Washington Street Townhomes represents an opportunity to rent in a newer (2009), secure urban environment that blends the finest quality indoor living with creative ways of accessing the out-of-doors.

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